Stickey back ups

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Stickey back ups

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E-0: Recruit [RCT]

E-1: Private [PVT]

E-2: Private 1st Class [P1C]

E-3: Specialist [SPC]

E-4: Corporal [CPL]
*Corporal may watch Training.*


¥Non - Commissioned Officers¥
E-5 - Sergeant [SGT]
E-6 - Staff Sergeant [SSG]
E-7 - Sergeant 1st Class [S1C]
E-8 - Master Sergeant [MSG]
E-9 - 1st Sergeant [1SG]
E-10 - Sergeant Major [SGM]
E-11 - Command Sgt. Major [CSM]
E-12 - Sergeant Major of the Army [SMOA]
Current SMOA - Itsme1234Smith

¥==== Warrant Officers ====¥
WO1: Warrant Officer 1 [WO1]

WO2: Warrant Officer 2 [WO2]

WO3: Warrant Officer 3 [WO3]

WO4: Warrant Officer 4 [WO4]

MWO: Master Warrant Officer
Current MWO -

¥===== Officer Ranks ======¥
O-1: Second Lieutenant [2LT]
O-2: First Lieutenant [1LT]
O-3: Captain [CPT]
O-4: Major [MAJ]
O-5: Lieutenant Colonel [LTC]
O-6: Colonel [COL]
O-7: Brig General ¥
O-8: Major General ¥¥
O-9: Lt General ¥¥¥
O-10: General ¥¥¥¥

¥===== Administration ======¥
Owner: JoeArmitage1
Commander in Chief:

¥======= Cabinet ========¥
Advisors: -
Sec. of Defence: -
Sec. of Intel: -
Sec. of State: -
Sec. of Interior: -
Sec. of Army: -

º - Veterans Medal [Alt 167]
® - Elite Raid Medal [Alt 0174]
¾ - Guard Medal [Alt 0190]
± - Sabotage Medal [Alt 241]
» - Medal of Honor [Alt 0699]
§ - Hard Working Medal [Alt 21]
¢ - Recruitment Medal [Alt 667]
¥ - Good Leader Medal [Alt 157]
¹-Good Conduct Medal [Alt 0697]
Ø-Critical Thinking Medal [0216]

2LT ------------------->Corporal
1LT ------------------->Sergeant
Captain ------->Master Sergeant
Major ----------->First Sergeant
Lt. Colonel ----->Sergeant Major
Colonel --->Cmd. Sergeant Major
Brigadier General ¥-->Second Lt.
Major General ¥¥---->First Lt.
Lt. General¥¥¥------>Captain
General ¥¥¥¥-------->Colonel

¥=====Code of Conduct=====¥

1. Obey the Habbo Way.
2. Respect all within the Army
3. Always shout while in the Army
4. Always FTF, if possible
5. Never sit in the front row or VIP while AFK. Go to the back row.


¥=====Code of Conduct=====¥

6. Do not ask for pay, rights, or promotions.
7. Do not self-promote
8. Only Recruits may sit in the middle row.
9. Follow all orders ASAP
10. Do not dance while in AAF
11. You may only have one job


[EAF Army] Recruit
Boys@ Olive Green Short Sleeved
Pocker Shrit, Dark Grey Pocket Pants, Grey Round Shoes.
Grils: Olive Green Sports Bra,
Dark Grey Pocket Pants.
Grey Round Shoes.
Belt = Top Row, 2nd One =]






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